Sculpture activated at Monflanquin, Besançon 2008 / 2010

First, two folding chairs are joined back to back, then three chairs, and finally only one is left alone: the soliloquy. In each sculpture, one chair has straps to attach a sitter who then becomes the gbearer h. Complicating things further, the sculpture can contain four or six or more chairs... with several carriers, until the available space is saturated. The performance can take place for instance in a town square, typically an area where you are not encouraged to stop and sit down.
The sculptures are generators of communication or loneliness. A gbearer h carrying a chair looks like a clumsy mechanical animal. Strangers must be invited to sit down in any of the bearer’s empty chair(s), which provokes an unusual exchange, trying to communicate without being able to see the other person. And the bearer can only regain a sense of composure once the empty seats are filled.